Consultations are free of charge, our specialists will provide you with a detail explanation of the needed or desired look of the gown. Every dress is unique and requires our professional expertise.

We work on sizing any gown, in different areas of the bodice, as long the sizing do not compromise the style of the dress.

We Provide different type of Bustles, based on the style of the gown and the type of fabric.

We work on all types of Hems, price will be based on volume, how many layers and type of fabric.

Letting out sizing will be determined at Consultation Appointment, we must let one of our specialist physically look inside the layers of the dress to verify if we have any fabric available, and if the fabric is in good condition to let out the sizing.

Taking up shoulders or straps of any type without changing or compromising style of the gown.

In some cases we will work in specific areas like middle side seams at the back of the gown , or taking sizing on specific area of the gown, like waist line or back of the straps. This function will be done without changing the style of the gown.

We have available bust inserts, push up and plane lining pads, however the bust inserts will not provide any type of support at the bust area, regardless of the style of gown, we recommend any type of undergarments  ( bra , gel pads, self adhesive bra or body tape ) to provide support, privacy and comfort desire to accomplish the gown style.

Sash or belts can be attached by tacking or sewing into the gown, or making  sash or belts removable with snaps.

Memory Patches, if you have a piece of any fabric of object with sentimental value, we can add them to the gown.

Adding  or changing  buttons , Customer must provide us with the buttons. We recommend Customers to communicate with the  Bridal Boutique to see if  buttons are available to order.

Removing Crinoline layer or layers is a simple process,  however we just remove and not add crinoline layer or layers. If you looking for more volume on the skirt of your gown, one option can be purchase a separate slip-crinoline.

In regards to straps or sleeves, we do attach to the gown existing (previously Purchased) sleeves or straps. We do not create custom sleeves or straps.

We require that  you bring to all your appointments undergarments and shoes, without this 2 elements we won’t  be able to start the process of the alterations.

Appointments can be up to 3, all depends on the amount of work  and on the complexity of the gown.

We have a very quick turn around on alterations time frame.

Full payment of alterations will be collect at 1st fitting.